Benevino Vineyards is available to manage on a turnkey basis, provide oversight, or contract out selected activities in area vineyards.  With a decade of experience creating recognized premium vines, we are now able to offer any or all of the following services to owners of existing vineyards looking to maintain or improve the quality of their fruit.

  • Vine Replacement or Graft Over
  • Cultivation, incl. Discing and Rototilling
  • Pruning, incl. Brush Removal, Vine Tying & Training
  • Mowing & Chopping
  • Shoot Thinning and Shoot Positioning
  • Fertility and Tilth Analysis
  • Soil Amendments (Compost, Lime Fertilizer—Broadcast, Fertigation, or Foliage Application)
  • Cover Cropping and Erosion Control
  • Trellis Repair and Maintenance
  • Drainage System Maintenance
  • Irrigation System Scheduling, Operation, Maintenance
  • Frost Protection System Operation, Maintenance
  • General Equipment Maintenance
  • Weed, Pest, and Disease Control
  • Canopy Management, incl. Suckering, Leaf Removal, Hedging, Fruit Thinning
  • Pre-Harvest Grape Chemistry Sampling (Brix, pH, TA)
  • Harvesting, Mechanical or Manual
  • Delivery of Grapes to Customers

Turnkey or Oversight services are available through several fee-based methods, including Cost per Hour, Cost per Ton, or Cost per Acre.
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